Weight Loss Wager

David and Michael are not fat.  Never-the-less, they make an ‘I can lose more weight than you‘ wager.  If David wins, Michael makes a donation to Aogaah.  If Michael wins • • •.   If neither lose weight, they both make a donation to Aogaah.  Thanks David and Michael for the 250 USD – – please keep eating well.  


Wine Taster Fundraiser at Shanghai Restaurant

A great big THANK YOU goes out to John Jameson, Shanghai manager for organising last nights wine tasting/fund raiser for AOGAAH school, also to Charles Cagnat from Celliers Dáisie, Phnom Penh (012923319) for the great wines and prizes.



The roof garden at Shanghai can be booked by contacting John Jameson at john.jameson.game@hotmail.com.

untitled-3686Over $125 dollars were raised for Aogaah, that is equal to a full year at school for 2 children.

untitled-3641Thanks also goes to Benedicte Monroe ( seen in the picture here with Rick) for her attendance and to all others for their continued support of AOGAAH.


This kid never absent at school,he alway come to school before time. He never went to public school or private school only study at Aogaah school. I hope he will have a good life in the future. He is a good try….. I love him…! Teacher Navie

Navie Long's photo.
Navie Long's photo.
Navie Long's photo.

Good bye Fran

One Thursday, November 27, Aogaah’s Family met for dinner to say good-bye to Fran.  Fran, from Chili South America, has been visiting Cambodia.  For the last month, she has been teaching English songs and phrases at the Village 15 School.  The 27th was her last day in Cambodia and all the children will miss her dearly.

Attending the dinner (l to r) are:  Ian, Teacher Chamroeun, Fran, Rick, Kevin, Teacher Navy and Teacher Sarath.

Attending the dinner (l to r) are: Ian, Teacher Chamroeun, Fran, Rick, Kevin, Teacher Navy and Teacher Sarath.



New Books for Village 15 School Library

New Books for Village 15 School Library
Pictures by Teacher Rick – – sorry about the blurred picture. Benedicte and her daughter, Tiphaine, met Aogaah Teachers Sarath (standing) and Chamroeun (kneeling) at Sipar Book Store in Phnom Penh (Street 21, Number 9). Benedicte gave the teachers 100 USD to purchase additional books for the Village 15 School Library. On behalf of the children who attend the School, a great big ‘THANKS’ to Benedicte.
Aogaah Foundation's photo.
Aogaah Foundation's photo.

Pearl’s Second Visit to Aogaah’s Village 15 School.

Pearl’s Second Visit to Aogaah’s Village 15 School.
Pearl, from Singapore, made her second visit to the Village 15 School. She is shown in the picture with Teacher Chamroeun. Between visits, Pearl informed her colleagues in Singapore about the School. Seventeen of her co-workers, from her supervisor to the janitor donated a total of 605 USD to help off set the School’s operational expenses. Pearl, you are fantastic – – and so are the people who work with you.


International Childrens Day Celebrated at Aogaah School

IKML8363-EditInternational Childrens Day Party 2014

Normally we give the kids Chicken and Rice to eat on these occasions but when we asked them they said we get that all the time at home, ” can we have some cakes and coke” once a year we can bend the rules. They really enjoyed it …

Visit to the School

Visit to Aogaah School by the family Elsner from the USA, long time supporters of the work of the school and re-nowned educaters back in the USA. We welcome them to Cambodia and wish them a great trip.