The Bugeting Process

The Budgeting Process

Annually, the Chief of Operations attends a meeting of the AFC Board of Directors and presents a proposed annual budget for the next school year. After appropriate discussion and modification, the AFC Board approves the budget.

Next the Chief of Operation sends the budget to AFR. After appropriate discussion and, if necessary,modifications, the budget is adopted by the AFR Board of Directors.

At that time, approximately half of the budget amount gets wired from AFR’s bank in America to AFC’s bank in Cambodia. Halfway through the school year, the remaining funds get wired.

The Annual School Budget (Cambodia)
The $9999 budget shown is for a Kindergarten through Grade Six school. In America, most states spend more than this amount to educate just one student for a year. Aogaah educates over 100 students for this amount.

Salaries                       $6440
Rent and Utilities         $1700
Materials & Supplies   $1859
Total                            $9999

The Decision Makers:
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Aogaah’s Free School is made possible by people L i k e Y o u.
Aogaah Foundation® provides FREE schooling for vulnerable Cambodian Children.
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the Foundation is a USA 501(c)3 organization.
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The Annual Corporate Budget (America)Web Site      $120
Filing Fees                                                                    $80
Wire Transfer Fees                                                       $50
Total                                                                              $250

Aogaah Foundation® has no paid Administration. Only the Khmer Teaching Staff receive a salary.

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